ScanTricc (Translational Interventions assisting people to live well with Chronic Conditions – a Scandinavian research initiative) is a network of interdisciplinary researchers who work in the field of 1) translational intervention research and 2) innovations in counselling and support of people aiming to live well with chronic conditions. An annual scientific autumn meeting will be held in Copenhagen for members.

The network collaboration has several purposes:

  • Exchanging and promoting innovative ideas; discussing ways to overcome key challenges in implementation of complex interventions; disseminating promising interventions.
  • Publishing theoretical and methodological papers illuminating challenges across the translational continuum from basic research, early translation, late translation, dissemination to adoption.
  • Presenting and critically examining ongoing translational research that develops knowledge which paves the way for realization in clinical practice.
  • Promoting international collaboration and facilitating researcher exchange.
  • Fostering international research environments conducive for ph.d.  and post doc researchers

Membership application

Membership is applied for by completing an application form including a short CV and a description of ongoing and previous participation in person-centered and/or empowerment based interventions. To be accepted as a member, applicants must hold a ph.d. or working on his or her dissertation as a ph.d. candidate.

Contact: Professor Astrid K. Wahl a.k.wahl@medisin.uio.no


Steering group of ScanTRICC:

Astrid K. Wahl, Norway

Marit Graue, Norway

Marit Kirkevold, Norway

Bodil Rasmussen Australia

Åsa Hörnsten, Sweden

Vibeke Zoffmann (chair), Denmark

Bjørg Oftedal, Norway

Rikke Jørgensen, Denmark