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Scantricc network meeting in Copenhagen Sept 23-24 2016

Welcome to submit an abstract to the next Scantricc network meeting in Copenhagen Sept 23-24. Abstract deadline Aug 5. For more  information please download and read the link below. ScanTRICC Workshop Copenhagen 2016 22.05.16 (docx)  

Scantricc network meeting in Copenhagen 23-24 November

Kære alle Vi har i ScanTRICC gruppen besluttet af afholde en årlig samling i Juliane Marie Centeret på Rigshospitalet i København. Workshoppen er for medlemmer af ScanTRICC. Man kan blive medlem af ScanTRICC, hvis man har erfaring med at lave self-management interventioner for mennesker med kroniske tilstande. Blanket til ansøgning om medlemsskab. Du modtager hermed… Read more »

Do you want to become a member of the Scantricc network?

If you are interested in a membership you have to fill in an application form. You can find this under About, where you also find more information about the purpose of the Scantricc network. The steering group is planning a workshop for members in Copenhagen in November 2014

Memories from the Diabest Phd-post doc conference in Solstrand

As usual, the conference was perfectly planned and arranged and the Scantricc group especially want to thank Marjolein Iversen for her work with this. Weather as a perfect summer day 25 degrees C, food exceptionally fine, and the hotel and conference staff helpful and attentive. The abstracts at the conference had a high standard and… Read more »

The Scantricc group met in Solstrand in April 27-28 2014

As last year, the Scantricc group met two days prior to the Diabest Phd-post doc Conference. We planned a workshop for members of the Scantricc-network that will be held in Copenhagen in November 2014. In early June at latest you’ll find an application form for membership which you’ll send in to get the opportunity to… Read more »

Do we meet in Bergen in April?

ScanTricc Steering committee meets next time in April 22, 2013 at Solstrand in Bergen, Norway before the Nordic Diabetes PhD and Post doc Research Conference April 23-24 2013 at Solstrand, Bergen, Norway. You can read more about the conference under Events.